Viss(Wiss) Persian Rugs Properties:

Visibility:  Carpets made in VISS (WISS), unlike rugs and carpets made in central Iran such as Arak and Saruk or Golpayegan rugs and carpets, have nomadic patterns. Usually one single medallion (Usually Hexagonal) much larger than that of other styles is an indication of a VISS(Wiss) rug. There are some unusual patterns produced in VISS, including a repetitive motif all around the rug that is hard to find.

Quality:  VISS (WISS) rugs and carpets are of high quality and have excellent durability. They maintain their coloration for a long time.

Size & Shapes:  Persian VISS (WISS) rugs come in different sizes, but the majority of them are mid-size (4 x 6 to 8 x 10 feet).

Color:  Dark red, khaki, and light blue are major colors used in VISS (WISS) rugs and carpets.

Texture:  Persian VISS (WISS) rugs Soft wool; thick, tight pile.

Foundation:  Warps is mostly cotton; wefts is either cotton or wool.

Knots:  Rugs and carpets made in Viss(Wiss) are very firm and closely knotted. The majority of The rugs and carpets in Viss(Wiss) use flat-woven style knots.

Price:  VISS rugs are among the finest quality carpets, so expect to pay $4-$10 Per Square Foot (PSF) for a carpet from VISS.


Persian Oriental Rugs Value  Persian Oriental Rugs Value  Persian Oriental Rugs Value 

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Where is Viss(Wiss)?

Central IRAN - Viss(Wiss)

VISS (WISS) is a small town near the city of ARAK.

The rugs and carpets of Viss (Wiss) have geometric design comparative to the rest of region that have floral design pattern.

The weaver of Viss (Wiss) Village are producing less number of the rugs due to change of economic change.

Hieroglyphics-1-250 Golpayegan (Viss) IRAN
Hieroglyphics Golpayegan (Viss) IRAN