Size & Shapes of Persian Rugs & Oriental Carpets

We kept Size & Shape at the same category. The reason is that Size & Shape have one to one relationships. We try to be more detail-oriented site, so we may be changing this category in two separate ones. As a pioneer in carpet online information site, we keep this right to separate Size & Shapes in to separate category in future expansion.

Defining the words carpet or rug are always confusing people even the professional one, so we have to define the overlapping usage of the word carpet and rug at this point.

What is Rug?

What is Carpet?

There is no clear definition in the US about CARPET and RUG. Usually the word carpet is getting used for machine made textile that cover the entire floor. The word RUG usually used for hand or machine made product that cover portion of the floor.

There is more separation between using word Rug and Carpet in Europe.

Usually the RUG refers to the hand made textile that are around 35 square feet(3.2 square meter).

[We are using both English and Metric units for measurements.]

The word carpet refers to lager than 35 square feet(3.2 square meter) in dimension.

Smaller rug usually have two size: Zaronim [4' 3" x 2' 9"(130 x 80 cm)]
Zarcharak [5' x 3'(150 x 90 cm)]

We try to be as specific as possible and we try to use Europe definition regarding defining RUG and CARPET.
Lets Start with Size name and dimensions the way dealer do business. We have to introduce some terminology that are using in Carpet and Rug business.

Size Name & Dimensions
Size Name Dimension
(small bag)
1' x 1' 2"(33 x 38 cm)
3' 3" x 2'(100 x 60 cm)
(Donkey bag)
4' x 3' 3"(121 x100 cm)
Zarcharak(Farsi) 4' 3" x 2' 9"(130 x 80 cm)
Zaronim(Farsi) 5' x 3'(150 x 90 cm)
Dozarr(Farsi) 6' 6" x 4' 6"(200 x 135 cm)
Varies in size and depend on the reign,
The most common size are:
8' 3" x 4' 3"(250 x 130 cm)
10' 6" x 5' 6"(320 x 170 cm)
All the Dimension are approximate and will be a little different about deferent region that carpet or rug were made.

There are fewer varieties about shape compare to size. The most common shapes are rectangular, majority of the known shapes in the market are:

The majority of the rugs or carpets are in rectangular shapes. The dimensions are different and vary, but the ratio of (length/with) is between (2/1) till (4/3).

Round Rugs
Round Rugs are produced in Iran around 50 years ago. The diameter of Round Rugs is around 5'(152 cm) to 9'(274 cm). The Round Rugs rooted in France and China.

After the rectangular shape rug, The Runners are the most popular shapes. Runners are like long rectangular with the length of the rug is much longer than width of the rug. The ratio (width/length) could be (3/1) for small Runner and the ratio for larger Runner is around (5/1). Runners are perfect choice to cover the hallways or stairways.

Square Rugs
Square rugs have approximate equal width and length. The most common sizes are 4'(121 cm) to 8'(243 cm). It is hard to find larger size Square rugs.

Irregular Shapes
The Irregular shapes rugs or carpets are usually in the shape of:


You should usually order these rugs to make them for you. These rugs are very hard to find.

Persian Rugs Octagonal Shape Nain IRAN
Persian Rugs Square Shape bakhtiari IRAN