Quality of Persian Rugs & Oriental Carpets:

Another key factor to select a Persian carpets or rugs, is the quality. This is a very important issue for many people to understand how to know a carpet or a rug.

The quality issue makes a huge difference to define value of your rugs or carpets. There are many countries in the world such as India, Pakistan and China that are producing Persian look a like carpets and rugs.

Some of the rugs and carpets from these countries have good qualities, however the majority of their productions o have very low quality Persian look a like carpets. You see many of these cheap price and looks carpets in many local dealers around the world especial in the US.

Always ask, where the Persian Rugs have been made?

Dealer's answer will amaze you. Have you heard:

TABRIZ from India?

KERMAN from China?

ISFAHAN from Pakistan?

None of the above is the right answer. You can buy Real Persian Rugs from us . If you do not have the budget for the high-end Persian rugs made in Iran that will justify to buy a cheap mimic rug. Right after 1999 the price of Real Persian rug from IRAN dropped dramatically in the US.

The US government removed the sanctions for Persian Rugs, carpets and some other products from IRAN. Amazingly in some cases the price of an original Persian rug in the US is more inexpensive than the same rug in IRAN.


Supply ands Demand

After the removal of the sanctions, there were massive import of Persian rugs and carpets from:

* Germany,Hamburg
*(second international center for Persian Rugs)
* Many local dealers in CANADA to the US

Although, the demand for the Original Persian rugs were always high no market could handle that many rugs and carpets in short period of time

The main question still remains at large.

* What does quality mean in a rug?
* How do I know the rug that I am buying has a high quality?

What is quality in a rug?

1) Where the rug is made from?
Answer: One of the factors for defining the quality of your rug is where it was made. The best quality Persian Rugs still are made in IRAN and only IRAN.

2) Who was the weaver?
Answer: Rugs made by Master weavers (Usually you can find them only in city rugs, have much higher KPSI or RAJ) have highest quality.

3) What materials have been used in the rug?
Answer: The type of wool or cotton that has been used to make the rug has a huge different in the value of a rug or carpet. If your rug or carpet has any silk? (Utilizing silk in a rug is a good indicator of High quality).

4) What type of knots and how many are used in the rug?
Answer: The number of the KPSI or RAJ (If you looking to buy a good rug always carry a type measure and check the KPSI or RAJ). We do believe the higher the KPSI the higher the quality. This is valid.

5) How old is the Rug?
Answer: If you are using the rug for busy section of your home, Do not buy antique[more than 50 years old] rugs. The newer tribal rug give you longer life and are more durable.

6) How thick is the Rug?
Answer: Usually the top quality rugs are very thin and feel soft and smooth. This is draw back with internet. If you are looking to buy a rug or carpet from internet, just remind you!


You are only relays on the explanations of the sellers in sites or online auction sites. Make sure check their guarantees and return policies. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding your carpet or rugs.

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