Price of Rugs & Oriental Carpets:

Finding a beautiful rug or carpet is one thing and knowing how much you should pay for it is another. This is probably the hardest part of purchasing a nice hand-made rug. There are so many variables that determine the price of a rug that is hard to come with any formula or method. Here are some guides that might help you

Consider the following factors when pricing a rug:

Quality: means the quality of wool used, the color, design, and tightness of the rug. Obviously you pay more for a high quality rug tightly woven than an average every day use rug.


New:The NEW rugs usually have been made in the last 0-5 years period.
Old:The Old rugs usually have been made in the last 5-25 years period.
Semi-Antique:The Semi Antique rugs usually have been made in the last 25-60 years period.
Antique:The Antique rugs usually have been made in the last 60-250 years period.
In general expect to pay more for antique rugs than older average rugs. Some new rugs also command high prices.


Zaronim 5' x 3'(150 x 90 cm)
Dozar6' 6" x 4' 6"(200 x 135 cm)
Zarcharak 4' 3" x 2' 9"(130 x 80 cm)
Since most Persian Rugs are made using metric system (i.e. 2x3 meter), expect to pay higher prices for rare sizes such as square or round rugs.

Material: All silk rugs are the most expensive, next are rugs with silk foundation and wool with silk highlight pile.

Condition: (Spot, Odor, wear, low pile)

Color: Rugs with natural colors are more expensive than synthetic dyed rugs. Although today majority of rug producer use synthetic dyes.

Knots: There is big debate about knots as indication of price. We are believe knots is exteremly key factor to define the price.The number of the knots in the back of the rugs:



Flat woven

Remember the flat-woven rugs do not have the type of knots that you can count toward pricing.

Purchase Source: You pay more at your local rug dealer since you have the convenience of touch and feel as well as trying different rugs at home before you buy. Online auctions are good sources to pay the lowest price. However, you need to know what you are doing as there are many low quality rugs offered. Purchasing online from reputable online stores is a good idea, make sure they have a decent return policy. Finally you could buy from private parties as well as traveling to rug producing countries. Buying overseas does not always guarantee the lowest price unless you have connections on those countries that could help you with your purchase. The whole concept of buying and selling is different in many countries.

Market Condition: A few years ago the price of "Real Persian Rugs" was relatively high in the United States because of the economic embargo against Iranian goods. Since 1999, however, when the embargo was lifted the prices have dropped significantly as there has been more supply of rugs from Iran.

Price Per Square Feet: One way to get an idea of what the rugs cost is to derive at price per square feet. Let's say you are looking at a 7X10 (70 Square feet) TABRIZ offered at $2,100. This rug is costing you $30/Square Feet - That is diving $2,100 by 70. The "Price Per Square Feet" is not always valid approach for Antique rugs. Now use the following table to see if your price is in the suggested range given here. ATTENTION!
The entire rug prices given here are only guidelines based on recent prices paid at some online services and retail outlets, is only publishing this as a guideline and we do not guarantee its accuracy or completeness.

Kurdish Woman IRAN
Mashad Nader Shah Tomb IRAN IRAN
Carpet Type & Price Per Size Range
Rug From   PerSqFeet PerSqMeter
Abadeh   $3-$15 $32-$161
Afshar   $5-$20 $54-$215
Ahar   $4-$15 $43-$161
Arak   $5-$12 $54-$129
Ardabil   $4-$17 $43-$182
Bakhtiari   $4-$18 $43-$194
Baluch(Balouch)   $5-$19 $54-$205
Bijar   $9-$25 $97-$269
Birjand   $6-$10 $65-$108
Farahan   $7-$20 $75-$215
Gabbeh   $3-$7 $32-$75
Hamedan   $5-$12 $54-$129
Heriz   $8-$24 $86-$258
Isfahan   $7-$35 $75-$377
Karaja   $6-$10 $65-$108
Kashan   $4-$25 $43-$269
Kashmar   $7-$17 $75-$183
Kelardasht   $4-$11 $43-$118
Kerman   $8-$25 $86-$269
Kerman-Lavar   $10-$25 $107-$269
Lambaran   No Data No Data
Lilihan   $5-$15 $54-$161
Luri   $5-$15 $54-$161
Mahabad   $7-$12 $75-$129
Mahal   $4-$10 $43-$108
Malayer   $7-$17 $75-$183
Mashad   $3-$15 $32-$161
Maslaghan   $3-$9 $32-$97
Meimeh   $3-$9 $32-$97
Meshkin   $4-$11 $43-$118
Moud   $4-$10 $43-$108
Nain   $7-$30 $75-$323
Nahavand   $5-$11 $54-$118
Najafabad   $4-$10 $43-$108
Niriz   $4-$11 $43-$118
Qashgai   $6-$18 $65-$194
Qazvin   $5-$20 $54-$215
Qouchan   $6-$10 $65-$108
Qom   $10-$50 $108-$538
Roudbar   $6-$10 $65-$108
Sabzevar   $3-$10 $32-$108
Sanandaj   $5-$12 $54-$129
Sarouk   $8-$25 $86-$269
Saveh   $5-$11 $54-$118
Semnan   $6-$12 $65-$129
Serab   $5-$11 $54-$118
Shiraz   $4-$10 $48-$108
Soumak   $3-$6 $32-$65
Tabas   $5-$15 $54-$161
Tabriz   $4-$35 $43-$377
Tafresh   $4-$9 $43-$97
Tehran   $7-$35 $75-$377
Turkmen   $4-$17 $43-$182
Varamin   $8-$25 $86-$269
Viss(Wiss)   $4-$10 $4-$108
Yalameh   $4-$10 $48-$108
Yazd   $3-$12 $32-$129
Zanjan   $3-$9 $32-$97
The entire rug prices are approximate of average rugs price sold in online auctions and has no obligation regarding these numbers. These numbers are just guidelines to inform you about the price not sale or buy indication.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding your carpet or rugs.

Check the How to buy a carpet? section for more information.