Oldcarpet - About Us:

Founded in 1877, our business originated in Tabriz (Northwest of IRAN) when the first package of Persian rugs and carpets were loaded on the backs of horses headed for Istanbul.

Over 127 years later, the Internet provides a window of opportunity to share our expertise about Persian rugs and carpets with the world.

Since launching OLDCARPET, we have received much feedback from people all around the world. If you have learned more about Persian rugs and carpets from this site, our goal is achieved.

We are attending many Antique shows and rugs exhibitions all around the US.
We are also participating in various fundraising for non-profit organizations.

Our mission at Oldcarpet is to provide a central location for knowledge about and commerce in Persian rugs and carpets.

OLDCARPET is providing information about history, people and centers of Real Persian handmade Rugs.

All of oriental rugs are made in IRAN; we do not have any rugs from INDIA, PAKSITAN, CHINA or any other rug producing country.

We have one of the finest qualities of Persian rugs for you. OLDCARPET has an excellent reputation for it customer service and provide quality Persian rugs for all our customers all around the world.

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Ardabil Persian Rugs in Victoria and Albert museum in London:
The Ardabil Carpet at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The Ardabil carpets are the world’s oldest dated and historically important carpets in the world.

This is the twin sister in Victoria and Albert museum in London: