How to sell your carpet?

Every month, we receive many emails and phone calls from clients who want to sell their rugs or carpets. We hope this guide will help you in selling your rug. There are many factors that affect the price and the time it takes to sell a hand made rug.

1) How fast are you looking to sell your rug?


If you are in a hurry the best place to sell your rug is on are a growing number of buyers and sellers on in mind majority of buyers on are looking for bargains. Usually, it is a good idea to check and see what similar rugs actually sell and then set your price accordingly. Typically items without reserve price are getting sold faster and get more bids on

The other option is publishing an ad in your local newspapers. You can not believe the amount of responses from your local papers. The newspaper ads are still a good source for buyers who are looking for bargains. Consider placing the ad in a popular paper with greater circulation. Giving a good description of your item always helps.

The third option is to contact your local rug dealers and let them sell your rug on consignment. Usually the dealers set the price for your rug and how much is he or she willing to pay you. Make sure you and the dealer sign a consignment agreement and spell out the details of the consignment. Obviously it is always a good idea to check the reputation of the dealers.

Remember, if you have a high quality and artistic rug , you can get top money for your rug in any market!

2) How much are you looking to get for your rug?


It is very hard defining price for a rug even for an expert in the field. If you do not know how much you rug is wroth. Just look at our price guidelines, auction houses, and local rug dealers. Do your homework before setting any price on your rugs! You can not believe how many people selling their valuable rugs cheap or asking too much for cheap rug!

3) Do they have Certificate of Authentication for the carpet?

Authentication Certificate Answer:

That is making different for so many buyers. We at provide Certificate of authentication for all the rugs and carpets that we are selling. For a buyer provide Certificate of authentication create more confidence about what he or she is buying.


4) How clean is your rug?


Always selling a clean rug makes a huge different on your asking price. Make sure you wash your rug before selling it. Remove any spot and stain from that you see on the rug! Vacuum your rug couple times.

If you are looking for Professional wash, we are ready to have your rug. The cost of washing is only:

Rug with wool pile is only $3.00 per square feet

Rug with 100% Silk pile is only $5.00 per square feet

For example:
If you have a 10 x 13 rug, your washing cost will be only $390. You just send your rug to us and we will wash it for you. You are responsible for shipping charge on both ways to our center.
Check the damage, stains, and odors, do not be shy to ask questions!

Good Luck!
How to sell your Rug

Qashqai Tribe man is selling his rug IRAN
Kashan Iran Rug Bazaar

Kashan Iran Rug Bazaar

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