How Do You Buy a Persian Carpet?

Although it is a common and simple question, there is no single answer for it.
At, we try to answer your questions to the best of our abilities and knowledge.

We think it is easier to deal with an informed consumer and believe that knowledgeable clients will be happier about their purchases. We treat all of our clients honestly and provide a high quality of customer service.

OK, first, let's start with what you should not do. Why?

Because this could prevent you from losing money!
Big Money!


1) Don't be fooled by huge markdowns or deep discounts like ”50%”, ”60%“ or even ”90%“ off. Sellers feature high mark-ups to accommodate this kind of discounting at:

Fake Custom Auctions

Going Out of Business(GOB) Sales

Moving Sales

Liquidation Sales

Lost Lease Sales

Closing Forever Sales

Bankruptcy Sales

Remodeling Sales

2) Stay away from fake Customs Auctions of seized-rugs advertized in your local newspapers. At these auctions, you bid on rugs supposedly seized by U.S. Customs. These auctions are ALL FRAUDULENT for the simple reason that goods that are seized by Customs must be shipped out of the country; they are not allowed to be sold in the U.S. (That is why they have been seized by Customs!) To get proper information about REAL US Customs-seized rugs .

Look at an interesting article on The Boston Globe.

3) Beware of seasonal Liquidation SALES from your local rug dealers, especially if you see their sign more than a month in your local newspaper or in their store window!

4 )If you are buying from online auctions, do your homework before bidding on any carpet from anyone. Be wise and check their ranking!

5 )If it is too good to be true, it probably is

Do your homework!

6 )Do not fool yourself. If someone is offering a 50-year-old Tabriz rug with 600 (KPSI) for $100, be cautious!

TO DO List:

OK! Let's see what you should look for in a Persian Carpet

1) What is your budget?

Answer: Check your budget; decide how much money you are willing to spend on purchasing a rug.

2) Do you know what size carpet are you looking for?


 Please do not guess about the size of the carpet! This is one of the main problems with shopping. Take a tape measure and define the width and length of the area where you are planning to put your carpet. You and the seller will save lots of time and money.

3) Where is the carpet made?

Answer:  We believe the best quality is hand knotted in IRAN. Why? The Persian knot is different from that of carpets not made in IRAN. The quality of wool is also different. For these reasons, the price of a real Persian carpet made in IRAN is much higher than that of an Indian copy.

4) How many Knots per square inch?

Answer:  First, you should understand the concept of knots and why this is important. Tribal rugs do not have a knot number structure, but city carpets use knots as an indication of value. Usually, as the number of knots increases, so does the quality and price of the carpet. There are two units being used for knots counting.

1) RAJ (Number of the Knots in 7 centimeters)

2)KPSI (Number of the Knots Per Square Inch)

The formula to convert the RAJ to KPSI is :

[(RAJ/7) x2.54]^2=KPSI

For example a 30 Raj Kashan will have:

[(30/7)*2.54]^2= 118 KPSI

5) How old is the carpet?

Answer:   Rug prices vary depending on age. The older the carpet, usually the more valuable. Make sure you do not get a chemically washed carpet. Unfortunately, There are dealers that still practice this method of making their rugs look aged. The correct term for this process is "Antiqued Rug".

6) What is the dealer return policy? Answer: A reputable dealer usually has a good return policy. They usually allow you to return the carpet within two to four weeks of purchase. If you buy it from a virtual (internet) store, you will most likely be liable for return shipping and insurance. Always check the Return Policy and Guarantees.

7) Did they wash the carpet before selling it?

Answer:  It is not a bad idea. Actually, the majority of carpets are washed before being sold. A hand-made rug should be washed by professionals. Do not try to wash it at home. Always ask your local dealer. They are the best source of information about getting a carpet washed.

8) What does a "Real Persian Rug" mean? Answer:  It means the carpet is hand-knotted in IRAN and is not an imitation made in Pakistan, India, Turkey or elsewhere. This is a significant issue. Even though carpets may look the same superficially, they are not. Carpets that are made in IRAN are dyed differently, usually with vegetable pigments. In addition, the Persian knot is different. If you have a very tight budget, an imitation is probably a reasonable solution, but if you are looking for something that will keep its color and quality for a long time, buy a "Real Persian carpet".

9) If you change your mind for any reason, How long after purchase can you return it? Answer: We believe two weeks is enough time for a client to change his or her mind for any reason.

10) Do they have Certificate of Authentication for the carpet? Authentication Certificate Answer: Always ask for a Certificate of Authentication for your carpet. If you sell your carpet in the future, it will add value.

11) How can I check the sellers, dealer's reputation?

Answer: Always check the seller/dealer from whom you buy a carpet.

Check their reviews online. This is especially important if you are looking to buy a carpet from an internet auction on eBay or Yahoo. Check the seller feedback.

There is trusted dealers list on Barry O Connell Web site that is excellent an resource.

Check Trusted Dealers List and See if you look for local trusted rug dealer.

It is always a good idea to check your local dealer also. If you find a piece that you like, it will be more convenient to buy it at a store. Just remember, the price is usually 2 to 5 times higher than on the internet. Check for damage, stains, and odors. Do not be shy about asking questions!

Ask us.

We at have been in business for many years. All the carpets and rugs that we sell are 100% hand woven and are made in IRAN.

You can return the carpet up to 30 days after purchase. All of our rugs are washed before selling. We will issue a Certificate of Authentication for all carpets sold.

We are always open to your questions. If you still have more questions, just Ask us.

Good Luck!

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