Bert van Dijk, Shanghai correspondent for Dutch paper Het Financieele Dagblad, tells us about what he saw at the Iran pavilion: "Iran wants to impress visitors with the supposedly high technologies that the country has developed. There is a model of a cloned goat to see, the first self-built satellite, a microscope, drugs against AIDS, a laser harp, and other complex machines. On the first floor, you'll see how the Iranians are really going for it. They have built a carpet shop, where visitors can buy authentic Iranian rugs -- no, not for a few bucks but for a small fortune -- as even a small carpet can cost you 50,000 euros. I even saw a 3 x 4 metre rug going at a cost of 1.2 million yuan, or 120,000 euros. I'm not in the carpet business, but this seems to me to be a little on the high side. Apparently, Iran hopes to recover the cost of its pavilion like Belgium which is trying to sell diamonds at its pavilion."

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