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Tabriz Bazaar Rug Market
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What Is an Oriental Rug?

Kurdish Women Tribal Persian Rug

An Oriental Rug is a handmade carpet with pile or without pile. Oriental rugs are usually made by natives in different countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, Tibet, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Cyprus, Romania, Spain, Egypt, and Morocco.

There is a smaller production of handmade oriental rugs by smaller tribes all around the world such as Navajo rugs made by Navajo tribes in the U.S. and native tribes in Mexico (Zapotec rugs).


What Is a Persian Rug?

Persian Rugs WeaverA Persian rug is a rug that was handmade in IRAN. There are many rugs made in different part of the world such as India, Pakistan, and China that call their production Persian rug, however, none of them are REAL Persian Rugs, Their productions are Persian Rugs Design.

A Persian rug is a rug that was made in Iran. There are many rugs made in different parts of the world such as India, Pakistan, and China. These types of rugs called "Persian rug design", however, none of them are Real Persian Rugs.

If someone is looking for top quality Oriental rugs then he should be looking for rugs and carpets made in Iran. The Persian rugs made in Iran have different designs and visages made in different parts of Iran. The major cities with famous rug productions are Tabriz Persian rugs, Kashan Persian rugs, Heriz Persian rugs, Isfahan Persian rugs. There are other regions and tribes in Iran that produce quality Persian rugs. These tribes are Bakhtiari, Qashqai, Turkmen, Luri, Arabs, and Kurd. There are other tribes that live in Iran that don't have massive rug productions.