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Kermanshah Rugs(JOZAN)
  > Western IRAN> KERMANSHAH    

KERMANSHAH Carpet Properties:

Visibility: KERMANSHAH carpets and rugs have tribal pattern. The majority pf KERMANSHAH rugs and carpets have geometric structure. They got their influence from KURDS and LORI tribes who live in this section of IRAN.

Quality: The quality of KERMANSHAH carpets and rugs are excellent. They have long life and  keep their color after long time.

Size & Shapes: The carpets from KERMANSHAH have different size and majority of them are mid size(4x6 to 8x10 feet) You can also find large rugs up to large size(10 x 18 feet).

Color: Dark red,blue and brown are main colors in KERMANSHAH rugs.

Texture: Soft wool, thin, tight piles.

Foundation: Warps are mostly cotton, wefts either cotton or wool.

Knots: Weaver in KERMANSHAH are using Turkish knots, so You should check the back of carpet. The number of Knots varies and depend of the quality of carpet but the average is around 120 KPSI (30 RAJ).

Price: KERMANSHAH rugs are one of the nicest and quality carpets.Prepare yourself to pay $4-$10 Per Square Feet (PSF) for nice carpet from KERMANSHAH.
Persian Oriental Rugs Value  Persian Oriental Rugs Value  Persian Oriental Rugs Value 

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Sassanians,400 AD

KERMANSHAH (BAKHTARAN) is located in the west of IRAN. KERMANSHAH has 624,084 population based on 1991 census. KERMANSHAH is the trade center for a rich agricultural region that produces grain, rice, vegetables, fruits, and oilseed. Manufactures include carpets, canvas shoes, textiles, refined petroleum, refined sugar, and other processed foods. KERMANSHAH has numerous caravansaries that are crowded semiannually with Shiite pilgrims to Karbala, Iraq.

Kurds form the majority of the population. KERMANSHAH was founded by the Sassanids in the 4th cent. A.D. and became a secondary Persian royal residence. It was captured by the Arabs in the 7th cent. Later it was a frontier fortress against the Ottoman Turks, who occupied it a number of times, including the period from 1915 to 1917. Nearby are the famed Bisuton Inscriptions and notable Sassanians rock relieves. Evidence indicated that this province has been the home of man since the Paleolithic and Neolithic age. Considering the historical monuments found in KERMANSHAH, it was very glorious in the Achaemenid and Sassanians eras and was highly regarded by the Persian kings of those times. There are major historical site:

Hercules Status
Kurds, Lors, Arabs and Turks are propels living in this province. In addition to the inhabitants of the towns and villa-gees, there are many nomadic societies throughout the province. The predominant language is Farsi but other languages are also spoken.

The climate in KERMANSHAH province is temperate. Apart from the western border regions of the province which neighbor Iraq, other parts of KERMANSHAH are climatically influenced by the factors of height, moist, western currents, and the direction of mountain hills. The average annual rainfall in KERMANSHAH is 300 to 500 millimeters. The precipitation is often in the form of rain and in cold seasons in the form of snow. Cold weather usually starts in mid-December and continues until March. The regions of:

  • Qasr-e-Shirin
  • Zahab
  • Sumar
  • Naft Shahr
and in other words, the whole border strip have warm weather.
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Map of IRAN

Buy Real Persian Rugs and Carpets From OLDCARPET
Buy Real Persian Rugs and Carpets from OLDCARPET
Typical Runner From KERMANSHAH
Typical Rug From KERMANSHAH
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